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Our 100% Apache Hadoop-based
service in the cloud.

HDInsight is a Hadoop distribution powered by the cloud. This means HDInsight was architected to handle any amount of data, scaling from terabytes to petabytes on demand.

Take Today's Business
Challenges Head
On Using Your Own Data

In today's competitive landscape, there are many challenges businesses face. Adaption, speed, quality and cost of service are all crucial elements for success.

How do we tackle these challenges? By using our best asset - data. The challenge is, there is often difficulty in accessing the data you need, when you need it.

Challenges... Meet HDInsight

Driven by Microsoft and offered by Oakton, HDInsight provides your business with the right data, anywhere, anytime, on any device. With the ability to monitor and interact with traffic on your website, HDInsight allows for an integrated development environment for Machine Learning and will turn models into a web service.

Your employees get access to results from anywhere and on any device.

Who Can Use HDInsight?

Companies recognise the value of data and how it can transform the way they operate and position themselves within the marketplace. This is no longer just the agenda of big business, growth is widespread and affects all industries and types of businesses. Here is a sample of how some industries are leveraging the power of HDInsights:

Education Facilities
Turn your education facility into a smart building by utilising the user friendly set and integration with existing systems, seamless handling of data, and the ability to quickly compare algorithms.

Use historical and behavioral data to predict what products your customers want next, with fast time to get meaningful results, accessible via the cloud.

Use Business Intelligence for any loyalty partner program with a BI dashboard to see what the competition offers. View customer groups by regency, frequency, and monetary scores, plus gain the ability to monitor campaign results.

Online/Mail Order
Help your direct mail campaign with analytics and reporting. View your company's different customer segmentations and deploy marketing strategies that result in profitable outcomes


Deployed in Minutes
There's no software to install and no hardware required to launch HDInsight in minutes. No worries on provisioning, configurating, and cluster tuning.

Low Cost
Only pay for what you use and no aquisition costs.

No Hardware to acquire or maintain
With HDInsight, you can deploy Hadoop in the cloud without the need of purchasing new hardware or paying any up front costs.

Develop in your favourite language
C#, Java, .Net, or whatever your favourite programming language is, HDInsight offers the extension for it.

Machine Learning with Azure

Behind HDInsight there is Azure.

Retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other industries want to know what their customers are doing and what they are looking for. What makes a customer stay? What makes them leave? This type of machine learning, sometimes called predictive analysis, helps to guide organisations on how to better serve their clientele.

Built for a cloud first, mobile first world, Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning can:

  • Help analyse performance for transportation and logistic organisations with telemetry data analysis.
  • Analyse patron sentiment with the social network analysis.
  • Use predictive maintenance for your gate and ticket machines.
  • Plan around the day and week's weather with weather forecasting.

Get fully managed, integrated, flexible and deployed in minutes!

Why Oakton?

  • We're ahead of the curve by partnering with Microsoft on the HDInsight Incubation Program.
  • We have strong campaign management experience.
  • We are experts in customer matching and advanced analytics on structured and unstructured data.
  • We offer segmentation, machine learning, and predictive modeling.
  • We have the ability to offer solutions "as a Service" or on premise.

Discover the processing power and advanced analytics of HDInsight and
the new Azure Machine Learning Service from Microsoft and Oakton.


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